Weather: Cloudy, 38 degrees, 69% humidity, 29.84" barometric pressure
Solar Activity:
Geomagnetic Activity:
Moon Phase:
Waxing; 8% visible

Equipment Used: Canon A560 digital camera, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 Digital Camera, Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera CX7430, Olympus Stylus Verve digital camera 4.0, Kodak EasyShare DX4900 Digital Camera, Kodak Easy Share CX6330 digital camera,  HP Photosmart M417 digital camera, S730 digital camera

Atlantis DHC-200 digital camera with motion sensor and Infrared night vision

Sonyhandycam dcv-trv280, Sony Handycam DCR-HC38 Mini DV Camcorder, Sony DCR-TRV280 Hi8 video camera w/ infrared nightshot, IR light extender

Olympus digital voice recorder vn-240,  Olympus VN-3100PC Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus Digital Voice Recorder 3100PC, Radio Shack digital voice recorder, Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-480 PC, Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-4100 PC, Olympus digital voice recorder vn-240

Extech 42520 IR non-contact thermometer, La Crosse Technology's IR101 Infrared Thermometer, Mastercool Pocket IR thermometer, Oregon Scientific EM899 digital thermometer, Max-Min Thermometer/Hygrometer, Radio Shack wireless Thermometer w/3 remote sensors

2-Trifield Natural EM Meter, 2-Cell Sensor EMF Meter, 8-ELF zone EMF meter, Gauss Lites EMF meter, Hutech EMF meter, Dr. Gauss Meter EMF Meter, 2-KI EMF meters

2-Streetwise MAAC Motion Detector

Dowsing Rods

2-Cobra Cleartalk FRS radio, 2-Uniden FRS radio, 2-Bellsouth FRS radio

Film: All Digital Format

Tapes: 1-TDK Mini DV 60, 1-Sony 8mm

- Private House: Merchantville, NJ -

Date Of Investigation: 01-21-08
9:30pm – 1:00am
Investigators on Scene: Lee Perley, Rosalyn Bown, Denise Jubb, Kathleen Smith, Jill DeLucio, David Hewitt, Denise Perley
Photos taken (digital): 723
Positive Photos (digital): 11
EVP's: 10
Anomalous EMF readings: 1
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Positive Motion Sensor Readings: 5
Video: 0


This was SJGR's first visit to this private home.  The residents here were reporting  hearing foot steps, crashing sounds and people talking. They have also been touched by unseen hands and have found objects moved or relocated all through the house.

The physical evidence collected consisted of 9 EVPs and 8 positive photos with energy orb anomalies in them.  Only 1% of positive photos obtained falls well below the average normal range so they don't factor in into the evidence overall, but some photos correspond to events investigators were experiencing at the time the photo was taken.

One anomalous EMF reading and 5 motion sensor readings were recorded during this investigation. The motion sensors being tripped this many times is substantial evidence that something not visible to the naked eye had a large enough of an infrared heat signature for the sensor to detect it.  


10:27pm- Investigator Hewitt recorded this spirit voice in one of the bedrooms during an EVP attempt.  The voice is saying his first name "dave", indicating an interactive spirit.  Click here to play EVP

<>11:32pm – Investigator Bown recorded this female spirit voice saying "Somebody touch the hand" just as she was leaving the Master Bedroom.  Click here to play EVP


-click on a photo for a larger image-

10:33pm - Investigator L. Perley heard a noise from the corner of this room and Investigator Hewitt took this photo while looking for a source.

12:23am – Investigator Davis took this photo at random.