Weather: partly cloudy; 21 degrees;
Humidity 65%;  Barometric Pressure: 30.35”
Solar Activity: Normal
Geomagnetic Activity:
Moon Phase:

Equipment Used: Nikon Cool Pix L11 Digital Camera, HP Photosmart M547 Digital Camera, Sony Cybershot DSC-W5 Digital Camera, 2-Kodak Easy Share C330 Digital Camera, Olympus Stylus Verve 4.0 digital camera, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 Digital Camera, Cannon Power shot s30 digital camera, S730 digital camera, Canon A560 digital camera, Nikon 8400 Digital Camera, Canon Power Shot SD1000 digital camera, FE100 Olympus digital camera

Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop

3- 24G-4PK-NV-VIDCAM remote wireless infra-red video cameras & receiver,
USB 4 channel DVR, 2 - Pizel 4 Channel DVR

Yukon Night Vision Scope Multi-Task 2X24 YK24021

Sony Camcorder CCD-TRV58 with infrared extender, Sony Handycam DCR-HC38 Mini DV Camcorder, Sony Handycam dcv-trv280

Olympus VN-4100 Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus VN-3100PC Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder, Sony ICD-P320 Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus VN-3100PC Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus vn-2000 digital voice recorder, 2-Olympus digital voice recorder vn-240, Sony ICD-B300 Digital Voice Recorder, Sony ICD-P520 Digital voice Recorder, H2 Digital Voice Recorder, Panasonic RR-QR80 digital voice recorder, Olympus VN240 digital voice recorder, Sony ENC-F8 Omnidirectional Microphone

2-Sony Tie Pin Electret Condenser
Microphone #ECM-T6

6-ELF Zone Electromagnetic Field Detector, 8-Cell Sensor Electromagnetic Field Detector, 7-Trifled EMF meter, 2-Electro sensor EMF meter, 2-KII EMF meter, Ghost Meter EMF meter

4-Raytek Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer, USB502 Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Data Logger, Mastercool Dual Air/Surface Thermometer

2-Streetwise PIR Sensor Motion Detector, 2-Radio Shack 49425 motion detector, Telko S003M IR motion detector

Dowsing Rods

12 - Motorola Talkabout Radios, 10 Uniden FRS Radios

Film: All Digital Format Video Media: 1-TDK Hi8 MP Super Finavinx-Metal Particle Tape, HDD in DVRs

- Glen Foerd Mansion:
Philadelphia, PA

Date Of Investigation: 3-01-08
Time: 7:45pm – 12:15am
Investigators on Scene: Dave Juliano, Linda Flatt, Mare Pawlowski, Jaymi Cook, Maureen Carroll, Kathleen Smith, Rosalyn Bown, Marti Haines, Denise Perley, Sharon Carroll, Lee Perley, Rush Gandhi
Photos taken (digital): 1498
Positive Photos (digital): 73
EVP's: 30
Anomalous EMF readings: 1
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Positive Motion Sensor Readings: 2
Video: 0


This was SJGR's second visit to this grand historic mansion in the Torresdale section of Philadelphia, PA along the banks of the Delaware River.  See the results of our first investigation by clicking HERE.

The physical evidence collected consisted of the above average amount of 30 EVPs and 73 positive photos with energy orb anomalies in them. 4.9% of positive photos obtained falls within the normal range, but some photos correspond to events investigators were experiencing at the time the photo was taken.
Other anomalous recorded readings were one EMF and two motion sensor readings.  


8:32pm - Investigator Juliano recorded this orb (looped 3x) in the 2nd floor art gallery.


<>7:43pm - Investigator M. Carroll recorded this spirit voice saying "Hey" in the Rathskeller.   Click here to play EVP

7:51pm - Investigator Pawlowski recorded this spirit voice in the Prayer Room on the 2nd floor after asking "Is there anyone in the room with us?" The voice says in response, "Ghost"
. Click here to play EVP

8:13pm – Investigator Bown recorded this male voice on the 1st floor responding to her after she received an impression of his name being “Robert” and after she asked if that was his name.  The voice says, "yes”.  Click here to play EVP

8:35pm - Investigator Haines recorded this spirit voice in the Rathskeller during an EVP attempt.  The voice says “Standing in the way” while Investigator heard in her mind “ Not done and he will be here soon” and after recording a similar EVP moments earlier saying "Move".   Click here to play EVP

10:24pm - Investigator Haines recorded this spirit voice on the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors.  The voice says, "Check on the poor thing".  Click here to play EVP


-click on a photo for a larger image-

9:22pm - Investigator S. Carroll took this photo in the Rathskeller after Investigator Pawlowski obtains positive photos near the staircase, Investigator Gandhi gets the impression of a male, and Investigator Smith reports feeling cold.

10:06pm – Investigator Bown took this photo in the Rathskeller after seeing a low shadow move in front of the fireplace.

10:36pm - Investigator Haines took this photo in the 3rd floor Servant's Staircase after feeling the presence of 2 spirits, both of which were very upset and rushing up and down the stairs; she had the impression there was an emergency on the third floor they were trying to handle.

10:39pm – Investigator Bown took this photo in the Rathskeller after seeing a shadow exit the Bathroom and move down the hallway.