Weather: clear, 81 degrees, 57% humidity, 29.71" barometric pressure
Solar Activity: Normal
Geomagnetic Activity: Quiet
Moon Phase:

Equipment Used: Canon Power Shot SD1000 digital camera, FE100 Olympus digital camera, Kodak EasyShare DX4900 digital camera, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 Digital Camera, Sony DCR-TRV11 Digital Video Camera, , Nikon Coolpix 3900 Digital Camera, Sony DSC-55W Cybershot Digital Camera, FugiFilm S3000 digital camera, Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera

Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop, 24G-4PK-NV-VIDCAM remote wireless infra-red video cameras & receiver, Yukon Night Vision Scope Multi-Task 2X24 YK24021, USB 4 channel DVR, Sony Handycam DCR-HC38 Camcorder, Panasonic PV-L750D Digital Video Camera, Moultrie Game Spy 4.0-Megapixel Digital Camera with IR Flash

Bushnell Night Watch 2x24 w/Built-In IR illuminator, Famous Trails FT1000 Starfox Night Vision Monocular w/Built-In IR illuminator , Yukon NVMT 2X24 Multi-Tasking Compact Night Vision Monocular w/Built-In IR illuminator

USB502 Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Data Logger, 2-Raytek MT2 non contact thermometer, Mastercool Dual Air/Surface Thermometer, La Crosse Technology's IR101 Infrared Thermometer, Radio Shack Digital Thermometer, Radio Shack Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

Panasonic RR-QR80 digital voice recorder, Olympus VN240 digital voice recorder, Sony ENC-F8 Omnidirectional Microphone, Olympus VN-3100PC Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder, Sony IC Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus VN-4100 Digital Voice Recorder

5-Cell Sensor EMF Detector, Ghost Meter EMF meter, 4 - Trifield Natural EM Meter, Electrosensor EMF Detector, 10 - ELF Zone EMF meter, 2 - Gauss Lites EMF meter, 2- KII EMF meter

Telko S003M IR motion detector, 4-Streetwise MAAC Motion Detector, uniden radio, dowsing rods, 2- Sony Clear Call Radios, 2-Bell South 18 channel 2 way FRS radio, 2-Uniden TR620 FRS radio

Film: All Digital Format

Tapes: N/A

- Coopertown Meeting House:
Edgewater Park, NJ -

Date Of Investigation: 08-01-08
Time: 8:30pm – 12:00am
Investigators on Scene:
Dave Juliano, Jill DeLucio, Rosalyn Bown, Randy Niedt, Linda Flatt, Jessica Briggs
Photos taken (digital): 851
Positive Photos (digital): 20
EVP's: 2
Anomalous EMF readings: 0
Anomalous temperature changes: 0
Positive Motion Sensor Readings: 1 (3 consecutive empty photos on IR motion sensor camera)
Video: 0

This was SJGR's first investigation of the Coopertown Meeting House itself, but 2nd investigation of the surrounding grounds and cemetery.  We were invited in by the local historical society to obtain evidence for the Edgewater Park community and public lectures.  The Coopertown Meeting House, built between 1802 and 1806 is currently #20 on the National Register of Historic Places for Burlington County, New Jersey.

During the investigation, the apparition of an adult male was seen entering from the outside on the cemetery side of the building where the door is no longer in use. He appeared to be in his 40’s, Caucasian and approximately 5’10” tall. Most of the investigators got the impression the building was used as a church at one time.

The physical evidence collected consisted of 2 EVPs, some of which appear to interact with investigators and their questions, and 20 positive photos with anomalies in them, including an apparition photo of a hooded figure kneeling. Slightly more than 2.35% of the positive photos is normal.  However, obtaining an apparition photo with the Infrared Nightvision Scope and three consecutive empty photos taken with the Nightvision Motion Sensor camera is highly significant evidence.

No anomalous EMF or temperature readings were obtained during the investigation.


11:14pm – Investigator Bown recorded this spirit voice after noticing her equilibrium was off. The voice says, “I’m watching her”.  Click here to play EVP


-click on a photo for a larger image-

9:25pm – Investigator Bown took this photo after her attention was drawn to this area, feeling it was significant for some reason. Investigator Juliano reported getting the same feeling at the same time. 10:25pm – Investigator Niedt took this photo after observing a shadow move at the front end of the building, utilizing a Sony DSC-55W Cybershot Digital Camera and the Yukon NVMT 2X24 Multi-Tasking Compact Night Vision Monocular w/Built-In IR illuminator.  It looks like a hooded monk kneeling in one of the pews.