Weather: Cloudy, 14 degrees, 65% humidity, 29.94" steady barometric pressure
Solar Activity: Active
Geomagnetic Activity: Quiet
Moon Phase:
Waning Gibbous, 88% Illumination

Equipment: Fuji xp10 digital camera, SVP Deep IR digital camera, Vivitar 510N night vision camera, 2-Sima IR20 IR illuminator, Phantom IR Illuminators, FE100 Olympus digital camera, Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop, ASUS EZPC Netbook, Paranormal Puck, PX Device, USB502 Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Data Logger,Olympus VN240 digital voice
recorder, Olympus 3100 digital voice recorder, Sony Digital Voice Rercorder, RT-EVP audio recorder, EVP Field Processor, Sony ENC-F8 Omnidirectional Microphone, Sony Stereo Microphone, MEL Navigator/KII Hybrid EMF meter, MEL-REM meter, 2-Cell Sensor
EMF Detector, Ghost Meter EMF meter, Trifield Natural EM Meter, Electrosensor EMF Detector, ELF Zone EMF meter, Hybrid non contact IR/Ambient Air thermometer, Telko S003M IR motion detector, uniden radio, dowsing rods, 24G-4PK-NV-VIDCAM remote
wireless infra-red video cameras & receiver, Yukon Night Vision Scope Multi-Task 2X24 YK24021, Yukon Spartan Night Vision Scope, Standalone DVR w/LCD screen, CWH0244 Digital camera motion sensor w/infrared flash, Extech/Flir i5 Thermal Imaging camera, 2-EPods

Equipment Case  1A
(2) Cobra FRS-70 radios, (2) Uniden GMR325-2 radios, Bellsouth 1080 radio, Radio Shack PIR 49-425 motion sensor, Oregon Scientific EM899 digital thermometer, Digital thermometer/hygrometer, Extech 42520 non-contact IR thermometer, (2) ELF Zone EMF meters, Cell Sensor EMF meter, Ghost Meter EMF meter, Gauss Lite EMF meter, Georgia Star EMF meter, Gauss Master EMF meter, La Crosse Infrascan IR-101 IR thermometer, (2) Trifield Natural EM meters

Equipment Case 1B
(2) Presidian 21-1916 radios, (2) Conair Expedition FRS250SLV radios, (2) Uniden
GMR1038-2 radios, (2) PIR motion detectors, Mastercool 52227 pocket IR thermometer, MEL-8074 EMF meter/ambient thermometer, Trifield Natural EM meter, Ghost Meter

Equipment Case Video 1
Sony DCR-TRV280 video camera w/ infrared nightshot, IR light extender and bracket, spare camcorder battery, camcorder power cable, (2) USB cables, (2) video cassettes, Sony Picture Package software, Radio Shack 63-1026 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless
Thermomerter with (3) remote sensors

Equipment Case Nightvision 1
Moultrie I-40 Scouting Camera w/motion sensor, Famous Trails FT1000 Starfox Night Vision Monocular w/Built-In IR Illuminator, scope bracket, (3) SD memory cards, USB cable, video cable

Film: All Digital Format

Tapes: Mini DVR disks

- Ireland Hoffer House: Williamstown, NJ -

Date Of Investigation: 1/22/11
Time: 8:30pm – 11:00pm
Investigators on Scene: Bill McCumber, Sharon Vincz, Julia Park, Erica Ebling, and Kim Pietrzak

This was SJGR's first investigation of this historic building.  The Ireland-Hofer House, an 1840s farmhouse which houses the Monroe Township Historical Society.

Psychic Impressions:

  A presence was felt at the bottom of the 2nd floor leading to the 3rd floor staircase and in the back left room on the second floor.  The team mentioned a sense of vertigo and dizziness when being in the back room. One investigator started to feel extremely nauseous and couldn’t stop gagging.
  The basement seemed to yield quite a bit of activity. There was a feeling by one investigator of someone hiding and they may have been hurt. Three soldiers were picked up that appeared to be from the War of 1812. They seemed to be held up in the basement for some reason.  In the Master Bedroom, residual activity could be sensed, specifically a séance that had been held back in the Victorian era. There was a feeling of a strong male presence in the section of the basement underneath of the porch and in the doorway leading into the room. The impression was that he was trying to scare me and didn’t want me in that area of the cellar. There was also an impression of a male torso wearing a thick off white, dirty long sleeved shirt. At this time an investigator had an impression of the word “asian”
  In the Victorian Parlor an Investigator had an impression of an older woman’s that felt residual.

Physical Evidence:


8:47pm - Investigator Vincz was recording at random and recorded a spirit saying help me half way through this clip.    Listen to EVP

9:21pm -  Investigator Pietrzak ask how old are you while recording audio in the baement and got a reposnes of "10"     listen to EVP


-click on a photo for a larger image-

10:24pm - This photo was taken at random on the first floor 

10:48pm - This photo was taken at random on the first floor