SJGR EVP Experiment August 2002

During our third trip out to a haunted high school in pennsylvania, we conducted a EVP experiment using multi-track recorders and multiple microphones places at various location in one of the hot spots in the school, the auditorium. One of the many things that the witnesses report is various sounds ling doors shutting, banging, voices, music and other unexplainable noises. These witnesses include the staff on site after hours, the after hours cleaning crew and the school police. We experienced some of these sounds during our first two trips to the school so we took the opurtunity to try this experiment.

We were trying to find out how an EVP gets on the tape or recording media. Does is record directly to the media or is it picked up by the microphones? Since we didn't get any voice EVPs on this attempt we don't know how they would show up but the noises we recorded that cannot be explained are definetely being picked up by more than one micrphone and on mutiple tracks which means these sounds were actual noises that were beign created by unknown forces.

We will be posting some of the audio clips from this experiment as soon as we are done converting it to a web friendly format.

Date: 8/17/02

Time: 10:10PM EST

Alesis ADAT XT-20 (8 Track Digital Audio)
Pre-Sonus Digimax LT all digital mic pre-amp
All connections via ADAT proprietary fiber optic lines
6 Sennheiser ME-40 cardioid condenser mics w/ phantom power from pre-amp
Clark MINK-4 low noise double shielded mic cable - 100ft. each
Neutric XLR connectors
1 audio technica hand held mic for time reference announcements

PowerMac 8100/110 w/ Digidesign Pro Tools card
Pro Tools 888 digital audio converter
Pro Tools 4.2 and Sound Designer II software
CAD Maxcon 2 mixing console
Genelec 1030a monitors

Edit specifications All Files except backups
Loaded from ADAT into Sound Designer II
Graphic EQ used
-12dB @80Hz
-6dB @150Hz

EQ was used to remove low frequency background noise caused by outside sources (traffic, train, etc)

Types of Tapes Used: 2 HHB Professional S-VHS


In order to determine the source points for sounds in the auditorium, six mics were positioned around the room as shown on chart, and connected to inputs 1 thru 6 respectively.

At start, time reference was spoken onto track 7. Track 8 was left blank as a control track for the experiment. Then the room was cleared of all people. I have to stress that all the sounds on examples (sec) 1 through 9 were recorded in a supposedly empty room. There were many more sounds of interest on the tape, but I chose only the 12 most interesting ones. The clicks, bumps and squeaks went on for 15 minutes after the door was closed, and I am only submitting a 1 minute excerpt. Sections 10,11 and 12 were recorded with Tom, Jeanette, Ann E. and Jen in the room.

Use this list to identify the source and areas of each sound. Whenever a sound was captured by 2 mics, the file has been recorded in true stereo image, odd number mics on the left channel, even ones on the right channel. All mics were aimed toward the middle of the room. You can hear the acoustics of the room with headphones.

Tape 1 Start time was 10:10 PM EST exactly.

Track 4 - section 1- 10:14:00 PM - One minute of general noises that seemed to start after we left the room. These came from the area of mic 3, but were also recorded by mic 4.

Track 5 - section 1 bu - an unaltered backup of the original clip before equalization.

Track 6 & 7 –sec 2- 10:15:21 PM - This is a tone that resembles a single piano note. Mic 6 only

Tracks 8 & 9-sec 3- 10:18:32PM - A quiet breath sound, like a single exhale. Mics 3&4

Tracks 10 & 11-sec 4- 10:19:41PM - Noise backstage. Mics 1&2

Tracks 12 & 13-sec 5- 10:22:57PM -A single clap backstage. Mics 1&2

Tracks 14 &15-sec 6- 10:23:13PM - Clink. Mic 6 only

Tracks 16&17-sec 7- 10:30:07PM- A louder breath. Mics 3&4

Tracks 18&19-sec 8- 10:30:26PM- A thump or click. Mics 3,4,5&6

Tracks 20&21-sec9- 10:38:57PM- A loud breath, preceded and followed by quiet ones. Mic 3 only

TAPE CHANGE----- NEW START TIME 11:18PM Tracks 22&23-sec10- 1129:16PM- Jeanette sees a shadow in the west corner, followed by a loud bang. Mics 3&4

Tracks 24&25- sec11- 11:33:10PM- A low frequency repeating thumping noise, reported heard in other parts of the building by radio. Mics 3,4,5&6

Tracks 26&27-sec 12- 11:50:30PM- A quiet moaning in the background while we were talking. Mics 3&4. Incidentally, I could not seem to isolate the frequency of this moan. I tried both parametric and graphic EQ filtering and could neither boost of cut the apparent level of this sound.

The control track showed no sign of RF leakage or extraneous noise of any kind.

Investigator Tom Altman's Notes: There were a surprising number of unexplained noises recorded when the auditorium was empty. The self-noise of the microphones used was a little higher than I had anticipated, but it was a good first try. The number and location of the mics allows the listener to know the source area of each sound. The most active area seems to be halfway back in the audience seating area, stage right (the west corner). We also saw several strange shadows in this area, one which corresponded to a loud noise on the tape.