Thermal Images and Deep Infrared Photos obtained at the Burlington Library Company

On January 15th 2010 South Jersey Ghost Research investigated the Burlington Library Company for the 4th time along with Fairless Hills Paranormal.  
We obtained some very interesting evidence just from an initial review of the data we collected.  Here are 2 sets of photos taken on the first floor of the library.  

This first set of photos were taken with a Extech/Flir i5 Thermal Imaging camera.    SJGR Investigator Marti Haines asked a spirit if it was pictured in one of the portraits hanging up in the library as she scanned them with the thermal imaging camera.   

She watched as a streak of heat appeared on one of the portraits.    It moved down and then to the left.    The heat began to dissipate almost immediately.    These are the thermal images that were taken during the time this was occurring.  The portraits are mounted high up on a railing, as you can see above, and could not be reached from ground.

These are the thermal images of one of the portraits in a round frame.     The red and yellow swipes mean that something touched the portrait when she asked the question.  You can see the heat starting to dissipate in the 3rd photo.


These photos, taken at random in an area where investigators were getting odd feelings,  SJGR Investigator Dave Juliano captures a strange anomaly moving quickly in front of the camera.    He took these three photos in about 1.5 seconds with the photo burst setting (3 photos each time the button is pushed) with the new Deep Infrared camera.   It filters out all other light spectrums except for deep IR light.   This anomaly is moving very fast and cannot be a person because of its transparency and speed.    The entire photo is in focus except for the anomaly so it's not a motion blur.

Click on the phtos for Hi-Resolution photos

The deep infrared camera we used is modified so that it can only take photos in the IR spectrum of light.    We also used a IR light extender to illuminate the area.


Here is what people in a motion blur look like with this camera

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