South Jersey Ghost Research is very sensitive to our clients needs and well being when it comes to handling ghosts and hauntings, human interaction with ghosts and other phenomena you may be experiencing.  We try to be as non-invasive as possible during our research and we are extremely respectful of the living and the dead.  Each team’s make up of regular researchers and psychic investigators depends on the needs of each case.   We do nothing to increase the activity at your location.    Although each case and client is different, there are some basic procedures and research guidelines that we would like to make you aware of prior to your investigation in an effort to make our research more scientific and successful and to make you more comfortable with having us in your home.   

What you can expect:

• A team of 4 to 12 investigators depending on the size of the location and the events that have been reported by witnesses.  Each case is different.

• 95% of our equipment is handheld and is carried in photography bags and camera cases.  There is nothing that is dangerous to you or your home.  Most of it is equipment that you would recognize on sight such as cameras, video cams, etc. You can see the equipment here:

• Most of our investigations last approximately 3 hours.  Follow up investigations may be longer or shorter depending on each cases needs.

• We ask that just the residents of the home be in attendance and that no guests be invited unless we have discussed it with you prior to the investigation.

• We will turn all the lights off and shut off as many electrical appliances as you allow.  No TV's or Radios on because they will interfere with the audio and video equipment.  Our infrared cameras need almost total darkness.

• There can be no smoking inside or candles lit because that too can give us faulty readings and also interfere with our sense of smell.

• We ask that you all remain in one central location of the house.  Feel free to talk normally and please do not whisper. Whispering can taint our audio recording.

• If you would like an investigator to sit with you through out the investigation and explain things to you as they happen please let us know.

• You will receive a copy of all positive evidence collected including videotapes, audiotapes, digital photos and 35mm photos.  You will also receive a formal report after each visit to your home.  It takes about 4 - 6 weeks to review all the evidence and compile this report.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Thanks for you time.


Dave Juliano
Director of South Jersey Ghost Research