EVP Recording Experiment: July 2005

For this EVP recording session we returned to a private house that we have done a lot of research at including the 2003 EVP experiment.    Every time we have been here we have obtained good A and B class EVPs.  We brought a mini recording studio set up complete with multitrack recording capability.  
We placed microphones in various sections of the home and monitored the records live with headphones.  
Each microphone was recorded on its own track on the tape.   We also used hand held digital voice recorders as we moved throughout the house.   On this trip we asked specific questions out loud pertaining to the spirit activity in the home.    We recorded for part of the experiment in silence except for white noise coming from the TV set.  We also experimented with using quartz crystals and small mirrors to help amplify the audio signal.   This idea is based on the properties of a crystal radio. 

Just like in 2003,  we found that microphones in different areas of the house would record the same EVP even though closer microphones did not.   Also there were no duplicate recordings on any track of digital recorder.    This supports our belief that EVPs are imprinted onto the recording medium directly and the imprinted audio seems to bypass the microphone all together.   We could not determine in the use of crystals had any impact on the recordings.

Date: 7/10/2005
Time: 8pm-11pm
Location: Private House, Philadelphia, PA
Investigators Present: Tom Altman, J. Altman, Brian Jenkins, Stacey Burdash, Amy Grove

Equipment: Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-120 PC,  RCA Digital Voice Recorder Model #RP 5011A,  Olympus VN-480 Digital Recorder, Olympus VN-120PC Digital Recorder, Olympus DW90 Digital Recorder, Panasonic RR-QR100 Digital Recorder, Sony ICD-B100 Digital Recorder

Alternative Equipment Used: Raudive Diode Receiver, Quartz crystal, small mirror, White noise provided by a TV was used from 8:45pm-9:09pm

Microphones: Shure KSM 32, 2-AKG D414 ULS, Neumann TLM-170, EV N/D 408

Placement of multitrack stationary microphones:<>

(1) Reference microphone, EV N/D 408
(2) Back bedroom, AKG/C414BULS
(3) Front bedroom, same as #2
(4) Dining room, Neuman TLM 170
(5) Basement, Shure KSM-32

Types of tapes: Quantegy ADAT 42 (2)

Positive EVPs: 30

Time line of notable events:

8:54pm -  The TV we were using for white noise shut itself off.   Investigator Burdash picked up on another spirit who entered the room.  She could not pick up any details.

9:09pm - Investigator Grove motioned she was going to leave the room.   As she got up the TV went off on its own once again. <>

9:09pm - Investigator Burdash records a class A EVP that says "hi".   Listen to EVP

pm - Multitrack Recorder: “who” then whispers,  (microphone 4, dining room) 

9:28:37pm - Multitrack Recorder: Some dogs barking outside, then a bark from inside the back bedroom, notice echo coming from inside room,  (microphone 2, back bedroom)   Listen to EVP

9:33pm- Investigator Burdash records a class B EVP - You can hear Investigator Burdash comment on the hardwood floors in the dining room and then a woman says "thank you".  
Listen to EVP

9:43:36pm - Multitrack Recorder: A series of whispers then “here”, using sound analysis software, this is – “my friends are there, I'm here,” 9:43:36 (microphone 4, dining room)   Listen to EVP

10:00pm -
Investigator Jenkins records a class A EVP that says "I love you".   Listen to EVP

10:09:43pm Multitrack Recorder: In 2nd floor back bedroom, SJGR + resident asking questions, who lets the dogs out of the crates, “who who who” is response from microphone 4,  * this is also picked up on microphone 1, downstairs between living room and dining room, same voice as EVP #1   Listen to EVP

10:09:43pm Multitrack Recorder: Investigator J. Altman leaves front bedroom after asking a series of questions – weird sound and whispers upon leaving the room, this is exactly at 10:09:43, same as EVP #4 (microphone 3, front bedroom)

10:17pm -
Investigator Burdash records a class B EVP that says "good night".  Listen to EVP

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The recording equipment
The basement microphone