How much do you charge?

All of South Jersey Ghost Research's services are completely free.   There are many other groups that say they comply with non profit regulations but this does not mean that they are officially a non profit organization. SJGR is an incorporated non profit organization per US 501 C3 which means we have official non profit status with the IRS.   This enables us to hold fund raisers open to non profit groups and accept tax deductable donations.  This is how we fund our investigations.   With this approach, our services are easily accessible to everyone regardless of their income.

What does it mean when the team finds positive EMF readings?

The team may have recorded anomalous fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, which may indicate a spirit presence. It is scientifically impossible for low level and moving electromagnetic fields to occur naturally, yet we find these fields in areas where there is spirit activity reported. An EMF meter is an instrument that reads the fluctuation in electromagnetic fields. When SJGR members first arrive, preliminary EMF readings are taken and recorded at various places throughout the site. The locations of power lines, appliances and other sources of electromagnetic fields are also noted.. Most normal readings are in the range of 9.0 - 30.0 on the EMF meter. These are typical EMF readings in a home. Anything that registers in the 1.0 to the 8.0 ranges and cannot be traced to a source is attributed to spirit activity. An example of a source would be an electrical outlet in a wall. It is commonly accepted that spirits are a form of energy and that EMF meters detect that low level of energy accurately.  More about EMF meters here and here

What are EVPs?

EVP is short for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. This is what paranormal investigators believe to be a voice of a spirit. This voice or sound is not generally heard at the time of recording. It has been imprinted directly onto the recording medium. The SJGR team may have recorded one or more EVPs during your investigation. The recordings are evaluated using software such as Cool Edit Pro or Sound Forge. A human voice is not capable of making a sound that is below 300 Hz. If a recording of someone speaking is obtained during an investigation and it is found to be below 300 Hz you can be sure that it was not made by a human. This evidence would be included your report either on videotape or a CD.

Types of EVPs:
Class A - Loud & clear - interpreted the same by all listeners.
Class B
- Reasonably clear - interpreted differently by some listeners.
Class C
- Requiring headphones to distinguish the voices and open to individual interpretation.

More information about EVPs can be found at American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena website at http://aaevp.com/. Examples or these recordings can be heard on our website at http://www.sjgr.org or on The Shadowlands at http://theshadowlands.net/ghostwav.htm.

What is a positive photo? What am I supposed to be seeing?

In photographs, ghosts almost never look like a real people. If SJGR obtained any positive photos during your investigation you will probably see one of these forms:

Photos of orbs are one of the things that can indicate the presence of a spirit. Orbs are balls of energy that are found in the semi infrared spectrum of light. They can be found anywhere but are found in much higher concentrations in areas where spirit activity has been reported. It is believed that cameras capture orbs because they are capturing an event in a split second, faster than the human eye can register. Often a person will not see anything at the time of the photo. The camera actually captures the pure image, as it is, energy, without having a brain to interpret the data first. Digital cameras can also capture some ranges of infrared light and this is often the spectrum of light that orbs are found. Autofocus cameras send an infrared beam out for a fraction of a second in order to measure the distance of an object from a camera. This infrared light enabled the orb to bee seen by the camera for the split second the photo is snapped. Orbs are usually white but can also be red, orange, yellow or pink. All positive photos have been included on a disk.   More on Orbs here.

Ectoplasm looks like fog or smoke. These photos are not as common as orb photos. Ectoplasm is also called psychic fog or spirit energy. The method we believe enabled the mist to be captured on film is the same as that of capturing orbs. Ectoplasm is usually white but blue and green have also been seen.  More on Mist photos here.

The Vortex is an uncommon photo. The Vortex looks like a funnel or a tornado. They are usually white but can be other colors also. It is thought to be a single orb or many orbs moving together at high speed.

Trained photographers in our group have evaluated the photos that we have labeled as positive ones and they assure us that there are no natural causes for the anomalies we have pointed out. The photos are also compared to a database of photos with orb like anomalies that was created by SJGR in order to help rule out false positives. The orbs in the photos may have also been observed, sometimes simultaneously, on our infrared video camera, or by a sensitive investigator. In some instances, positive photos have been taken at the time of apparitions.

What does it mean when the alarm on the infrared motion sensors sounds?

We may have obtained alarms on our infrared motion sensors. SJGR uses passive infrared motion sensors on investigations. This type of sensor operates similar to the way an IR thermometer does. It does not send out any beams, it reads incoming temperature signatures usually calibrated for any large object over 40 pounds. This depends on the sensor used. It's looking for a human sized object's body temperature to pass through its coverage zone. We have this energy being emitted from our bodies and it is what this sensor will pick up on. It will not be set off by most pets with the exception of dogs over 40 pounds. If this meter alarm sounds and there is no natural cause, it just detected movement in it coverage area of something that was giving off a temperature signature that was at least equivalent to a small child.

What does it mean if the team records a temperature drop? What causes it?

Abnormal and unexplainable temperature drops may have been detected with our infrared non-contact thermometers. These thermometers only read surface temperatures a change in temperature means that something the thermometer detected as solid passed in front of it.  SJGR looks for any temperature drop of 10 degrees or more in less that one minute that does not stay in the same area or occurs again. It is believed that spirits use the heat energy in the air to manifest and this can cause cold spots. The energy that comprises the spirit or the energy around it (like orbs) may also be the source of the cold spots. An example of what SJGR would call a significant cold spot would be a 35 degree temperature drop recorded for about 4 seconds in the basement that was accompanied by a positive photo of an orb.  More about temperature drops here.