New Apparition Infrared Photos

These photos were taken on an South Jersey Ghost Research investigation on 3/26/08 by Dave Juliano on 2nd floor of the Burlington County Prison Museum pointing toward the stair way to the right of the death row cell.   Camera used was a FE100 Olympus digital camera mounted to a Yukon Night Vision Scope Multi-Task 2X24 YK24021 with the infrared illuminator on. This scope and camera were on stationary tripod.    So far we have found no natural reason for these photos.  They are currently being reviewed by military nightvision experts.   Two weeks later on an investigation of a private business, another full body apparition photo was obtained using the same camera rig.  

During SJGR's nine year history of investigating the Burlington County Prison Museum, there have been numerous sightings of a male apparition on the stair case in the same area where these photos were obtained.     South Jersey Ghost Research was first asked to investigate the museum during its renovation in 1999 because workers were reporting objects moving and relocating to other floors and hearing voices.   (video history of investigations)

Below are 3 photos taken in a row within the same 20 second period

click on photos to enlarge

  8:44pm - Apparition on the left handside of the doorway

   8:44pm - Apparition on right hand side of photo with strange light

8:44pm - Everything back to normal.  This is what the hallway should look like in each of the photos with the apparitions in them.

Samples of what people and objects look like with this camera/scope set up.   The three black spots on the left hand side of some of the photos are "dead spots" on the nightscope's lens that are the result of the lens being exposed to bright light on an investigation.

Here is what the actual set up looks like.   The bracket is made specifically to mount a digital camera to a night vision scope.     We know that digital cameras can capture infrared light which regular 35mm cameras will not without special film and/or filters.    Combining the digital camera along with a nightscope and it's infrared illuminator makes it possible to see things that the human eye cannot naturally see.

This is photo taken in an empty hallway on an investigation just acouple of weeks after the investigation at the Prison Museum.