Greenwood Cemetery (Knights of Pythias Cemetery) Clean Up 2004

Greenwood Cemetery open in 1869 after being converted from a farm, and covers 43 acres. It is on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. Benjamin Rush (a signer of the Declaration of Independence) lived on the farm in the late 1700s. Over the years, Greenwood's fortunes declined. The cemetery became a target for vandalism and many headstones were toppled and broken. Maintenance became sporadic and vegetation began to consume the cemetery. Only the front third of the cemetery is cleared enough to walk through unimpeded. The rear of the cemetery has reverted to forest with trees springing up through the middle of graves. It is not an unusual sight to see a headstone pinioned between two trees. The Knights of Pythias, upset over conditions at Greenwood, tried unsuccessfully to have their name removed from the cemetery. The court has appointed Gloria Boyd & Kevin Lynch custodians of the cemetery on a temporary basis. They are in charge of getting the grounds in repair and arranging burials. The decision on a permanent owner will be at a later date.

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    SJGR member Kathy Smith belongs to a few cemetery friends organizations including the one helping to clean up and restore Greenwood cemetery. She organized SJGR's participation in this clean up effort.
    SJGR members Terri D'Amico and Milt Klopfer removing numerous branches that have been covering graves all through the cemetery.
    SJGR members Terri D'Amico and Kathy Smith removing more debris and branches.

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