Our first priority is always assisting anyone who needs help understanding or coping with a haunting in their home or business. Many of our members have lived through exactly what you are experiencing and we can help. Whether you are in dire need or you are just curious about your situation, you come first. S.J.G.R. will investigate your haunting in a discreet, professional and understanding manner with the latest detection and research equipment in addition to sensitive or psychic investigators. We have investigators that have been investigating the supernatural for years, some over 20 years.

When we finish our preliminary investigation and interviews, we will give you a report of our findings including any photos and tapes. We can counsel you on your situation and educate you on your options. Since many of our investigators have lived in haunted places they can help you better understand the personal side of this situation.

If further action is wanted and warranted, we will try to assist you in bringing your case to a resolution that you can live with. Email us here to talk to us or to schedule a consultation. All our services are free.