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HELPING THE HAUNTED SINCE 1955...We specialize in intense and negative hauntings...

Frightened, concerned or curious? We can help... Welcome to the official South Jersey Ghost Research web site.  We are a professional research group with years of experience helping people and conducting research of historic locations.  We specialize in intense and negative hauntings.

What We Do:

* Help people who are frightened of ghost or spirit activity in their home or business.  

* Help people who are dealing with negative or problematic hauntings.

* Help people who are curious about the spirit activity in their home or business.

* We have Priest, Clergy and Interfaith Ministers on staff as well as Wiccan, Pagan and other consultants.

* Investigate historic locations throughout the  area.

* Give free lectures to educate the public about  paranormal activity and what we do.

* Help local historical societies and locations raise funds by hosting events for them.

Many of our members have lived in haunted homes and we understand exactly what you are going through. We will assist anyone in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and NYC. SJGR assists anyone in need of our services for free. SJGR is a group of investigators that can trace it's roots back to 1955. We conduct discreet investigations free of charge.  We use the latest equipment and tools as well as psychic investigators on our investigations. SJGR members come from all walks of life, from nurses and psychologists, police to clergy, grandmothers and teachers. Most have years of personal experience dealing with ghosts and hauntings. SJGR routinely investigates documented hauntings and conducts field research to gain more knowledge of the phenomenon. Our primary purpose is to assist those in need of help. We are an official incorporated 501(c)(3) Non Profit, Tax Exempt Organization.


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Our special solutions team
 that handles the extreme cases

2024 YES! 
We are still a very active group and we still handle cases every day even though ourwebsite needs to be updated to  modern times :)

We've handled over 100 cases each year.   Because of this, we have not keep our public investigations page updated busy providing free assistance to those who request it AND we do not post cases that are traumatic for the families involved.

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